The New Blood: Curse of Strahd

Taking Justice Into Ones Own Hands

Upon receiving word that the vile burgermeister had taken our companion Jeramiah Jones and slaughtered the boys father, the rage of those injustices reached deep into my soul and brought out the monster that these poor souls believe me to be. The sky black as night, screams filled the air like the wail of a grief stricken mother after the loss of a child. Moving down the main drag it seams the ravens have given us enough cover to approach the burgermeisters residence. As the guards notice our not very sly attempt to approach the house, they engage me with spear in hand. The attempt to cut me has become more difficult the longer I have been in this place of near nightmare. The rescue was rather fast, Jeramiah looked slightly worse for the wear. Sadly the evil Burgermeister and his wife lit aflame an innocent woman, that wrong is soon to be righted.


Vwls TylerHarvey

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