Half-Orc Fighter


Seeing the world from his massive height(6’8), Pter never slouches and only ducks to remove the possibility of him bumping his massive dome against a doorframe.
Off-white skin, with scars at random intervals lets you know that Pter has not had the easiest of upbringings. His smile, as toothy as can be, does portray a goodness even past his rough exterior.

Physical update:
The bruises of these last days are fresh, bite marks from a vampire are near his wrist of his shield hand, and scratches so many damn scratches. For the first time in ages even Pter thinks he might need a bath to wash away the blood and gore from his skin and armor.


Grown up an orphan Pter, self named, is know to stick up for the little guy, being the metaphorical little guy his entire life. The masses will alway move against the unknown, and berate those that are different. Knighted by the order for his bravery in saving an outsider family after they would not kill their deformed child, a brutish group of locals set their sod house aflame. Small scars still adorn his fists from beating down the flaming door to save the child after she hid in the food pantry.

Thorn the Scared:
The want to run and hide is a always here, but the will of my host Pter(self named) is very strong. He is like a large blanket of courage and good that I can seem to hide under as he takes care of all the scary things.

Eater of the Refuse:
The constant taste of old meat stuck in my teeth has become almost a bittersweet feel but without it I know I would surely be worse for wear. I know not if my companions have noticed my new dark affliction, but the large bag of trash that is now my new meal on feet must have some kind of odor, I am sorry for this, but alas I must use it to keep my strength up.

Breaking the stocks:
THis did not have the intended outcome that was expected. These souls are lost and seem not to care here or there if they are free, it is almost as if this is a game that keeps being played over and over again. These people might never have been alive or they have been in this place for so long experiencing this torture that they have checked out and or been broken completely.


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