Dwarf Life Domain Cleric


Nerrik’s hair and beard are kept short relative to other dwarves, aside from their comparatively slow growth he values the practicality of being unimpeded over long-standing Dwarven tradition. As many other dwarves he is built short and stout, with fiery red hair and a gruff voice, however the traditional iconic adornment of the Dwarven people such as ornate jewelry, beard ties, and dress are lacking from his attire.


Personality Traits:
I’m not much for words, but I never pass up a friendly wager or contest, so long as there’s no work to be done.

I’m committed to my crew-mates, not to ideals. traditions aren’t as important as people, a lot of us Dwarves tend to forget that.
When there’s work to be done it’s best to get it finished quickly and correctly, rather than to procrastinate or lay about.

Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered our ship, and left me to die, it was then that she came to me, and despite my efforts she hasn’t left me alone since.

Lives are important, but I still hate people.
I can hear her voice inside my head, sometimes it makes it hard to know if my thoughts are my own.

— Heart of Gold

Though gruff and quiet Nerrik has an easily observed soft-spot for children. Having once had a young daughter of his own, few things are more likely to divert him from the task-at-hand like the call of a child in need.

As an observer of Moradin, Nerrik has always had a mind for work, creation, and maintaining a peaceful society, perhaps even more-so than most dwarves. Rarely one for distractions he drinks little, and pays less mind to many traditions than most. Despite this, Nerrik did once fall in love, marry, and have a daughter. A distraction more important than anything else, he and his wife (Ellie) had a loving relationship and made a good life for their daughter (Ness).

Though a seemingly permanent facial feature the dwarf’s furrowed brow and clenched jaw have been made to give way by the embrace of his lover and time spent with his daughter, a softening in demeanor which has been seen only rarely, and briefly in the time since he lost them.

— A New Family

Dead Again
I’m nobody special, I think myself a good man, as anyone would, but I’ve known many; better, more important people, and still death comes for them. The bastards that ran our ship aground, ransacked our shipment, and killed my crewmates, they left me bleedin’ in the sand, throat slit deep by cutlass.

I’ve never considered an afterlife, but the bard’s song of Death’s cold embrace never found me, instead the soft, warm touch of a golden woman; large eyes and pointed ears, Hani reached out, ramblin’ about love and beauty, and arguing with my thoughts, it’s easier if I don’t fight it.

The people say it’s the city’s curse, that death and the dream pastries are only temporary; they’re not wrong, but I’m not so sure this curse lives only with the city. After the roaches did me in I found myself alive, for the third time, more new voices talking over my own, the boy and the girl have their own thoughts and ideas, It’s all I can do to sort them out from my own.

— Games

I’ve never been a man who indulged much in leisure, back home the men worked hard, and would wind down with enough drink to fill the mines. Us dwarfs tend to be a private bunch, but even without people comin’ and goin’ their idea of the booze swillin’, treasure lovin’, mine workers isn’t far off. I never took much ta beer or tradition, but even when I left the colony to make the sea my home, It wasn’t easy to pull myself away from the work; hard work has always made for good sleep, and enough of a distraction to get by.

Hard work, used to be enough to shut out most things, but when the voices become real and you end up in a place you’ve never seen on any map, there aint much ta do but play the game. Lucky for me I’ve always enjoyed a game, usually the kind that involved a bit of a wager and took a bit of thought, but I suppose playin’ for our lives shouldn’t be much different…if you can even call this livin’.


Sleep doesn’t find me so easily as it finds the others. I spend most of me nights tossin’, listenin’ to Faen’s pained whimpers and takin’ in the putrid aroma of Petr digestet’n his new diet. Between the voices, and whatever’s plaguein’ the others I suppose I’ll not be able to sleep again for a good while.

Some nights…every night, when I can’t sleep I get up to look at the map, somethin’s still botherin’ me about it, though I can’t put my finger on what it is. But it doesn’t matter much. Even if I can work this damned thing out, I don’t hold on to much hope of getting out of here, and if I did it wouldn’t stop me from makin’ the trip; it’s the only clue I’ve got to findin’ Ellie and Ness again.

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