Jeramiah Jones

Human Fighter


Jeramiah stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and wears a chain shirt. He has short black hair and grey blue eyes. He has an oak longbow usually at the ready. A scimitar is sheathed at his left hip. The human normally is cloaked and hangs back in most conversations keeping a wall at his back.


Jeramiah was born in Waterdeep and lived with his mother and father. They worked at the drunk stag tavern. His childhood was filled with love laughter and songs. After his tenth birthday a tavern bar fight was started by the Bull Elk thugs and both his mother and father were killed.

Filled with rage at the loss of his parents the young boy joined the Black Bear Tribe of thugs. Jeramiah was welcomed due to the intense rivalry with the Bull Elk clan. He was given a longbow because of his size and told to stick to the back. Over the years he grew and learned to fight with the scimitar but always felt more comfortable at ranged combat.

Jeramiah Jones

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