Dyin' Duggan O'hare

Human Rogue


Born to both a human mother and father, Duggan was always a calculated person. His father left the scene pretty early on in his life and his mother didn’t have a lot of money to her name. Due to these circumstances, Duggan decided to turn to thievery to accrue currency. His mother always tried to teach him to be good and care for his family but I guess the only thing that stuck was caring for the family because he did not care of the cruel things he did as long as his mother was supported. After a few years his mother had passed, but before she did she gave him a map and said it would lead him to his father. Duggan, having no one, went to search for his father who had left all those years ago. So he went to the docks and used his abilities to stow away on a ship, not knowing where it went.

He’s also developed a fear of brooms.

Dyin' Duggan O'hare

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