The New Blood: Curse of Strahd

Sticks and more Sticks

Reaching the wizards of the wine winery, we knew from the cloud of dust building out of the grapevines this was not to be an easy clearing of vermin from the storage closets. Attempting to shore up the winery before the inevitable battle was a short lived and sadly ill-advised plan, for only one small door was able to be barred. Upon turning around, I was met by a small sea of bristling twigs with fists and feet, not exactly scary, but still slightly unnerving. Growling, I attempted to distract as many of these things as possible, while my companions tried to take down as many from range upon the second floor. Swipe after swipe against my armor and multiple new scratches on my shield I felled a stick beast every few seconds, but my attempted diversion only took a meager few of the growing hoard of bush devils. My compatriots appeared to be well in the throes of battle with what seemed an endless throng of these damn sticker beasts. The rain of sticks was a good sign of how my partners were doing upstairs. A warm feeling of bliss and an ease of the soul came over me like nothing could cause me harm, it also seemed as if the twigs things felt I am not worth the effort as my armor and great girth were beyond what their meager claws could breach. Again I tried to snarl and draw in the demon shrubberies, holding my ground and eventually attempting to move upwards to assist my fellows, as the fight upstairs gave the impression it had turned badly quickly. Upon reaching the stairs a new quarry had found my eye, multiple druids apparently unafraid seem to be nearing me. These twisted individuals having wronged the poor folks of the Wizards of the Wine and will feel the pain they have caused through the head of my hammer.


Vwls TylerHarvey

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