The New Blood: Curse of Strahd


“Dammit woman leave me alone!” The disheveled dwarf yelled, flailing his hand as if to swat a fly.
He sat alone turning over the map he had saved from his sinking ship. Trying to decipher the familiar runes and the riddles they spelled out, Nerrik spoke to himself, only stopping on occasion to argue, still with himself, but in an entirely separate stream of conversation.
Seemingly starting to make progress he hunched over further and began hurriedly scrawling on a piece of parchment to the map’s side.
“Ha ha! Look at tha…dammit, I told ye ta leave me alone!” His face went from pure joy to utter annoyance in an instant, and he dropped what he was doing, pushing the table away from him he stood and turned his attention forward as if he were having a normal argument with a person rather than an empty space.
“I told ye, I’ll get ta it!”
“As soon as I’m done with this!” he motioned towards the map, obviously having lost any progress he had just made with it.

“‘tid be done sooner if ye’d just leave me be woman!”

“I already told ye, I don’t know how ta say yer damn name”

“Ha”…“naleh”…“nali”…“Ce—cela”…“nil. Ya damn elves with yer artsy words, I cannot say yer name woman!” Nerrik said, frustrated and defeated

“Alright!” he threw up his hands, “Then can I call ye Hani?”

“Ay, I’m sorry” he said, his voice noticeably calmer he paused, closing his eyes his face relaxed. It was several moments before he again adopted a normal posture, looking again as if he belonged in his present surroundings. He looked towards the map again, “Now can I get back to it, so I can get on with what ye want?” This time he was legitimately asking for permission rather than being dismissive.

“Thank ye Hani”


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