The New Blood: Curse of Strahd

Like a blood fountain

This damnable day kept getting better, the inability of my dwarf friend to fix the, well at this point let’s call it scraps of metal that was once plate mail. Followed by the stalking and attack of the largest wolves I believe anyone of us has ever seen, oh then there was the vampire. Now this vampire Doru, well the one that called him that is probably worm food by now. Doru was a hard bugger to fight, his bite made me feel like a fleshy blood bagpipe with all the draining and fillin by Nerrik. The wash of darkness followed by the rush of blood and life back into my veins was a bittersweet feeling and one that I have never felt in my semi long life. I feel as if a small piece of me has been taken as I watched Doru explode into millions of tiny blood droplets and burn away.


Vwls TylerHarvey

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