The New Blood: Curse of Strahd

Crows and Wine

The Card Reader had a lot of riddles and a little information, everybody here wants somethin’, we’ve been pulled in every direction, but getting out is no more possible than getting a good night’s rest, seems to me a bed for a few nights is the best answer for both problems. We don’t have much coin, and a wolf-steak doesn’t sound like something easily topped around here, all it’ll take is a trip to the winery.

The family talked about druids, and curses, but the blights ran us into the winery. Twigs, and branches littered the floor, hiding the blights that filled the room, we struggled to fight them back, but the ravens had no problems tearing them apart. The birds never made a hostile move toward any of us, even after the druid fell, I can’t help but think we walked into the middle of something bigger than a druid who hates grapes.


Vwls JordanCruz

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