The New Blood: Curse of Strahd

Among the Spirits

I fell through me damned chair last night. Got out of bed and made my way over to the table to look at my map. When I say I fell through the chair I don’t mean that I broke it, though it wouldn’t be the first time, no, I mean I passed right through it. If it weren’t enough before with all of the damn spirits, Rose, and Heni, it seems that dyin’ 3 or so times is enough to send through to the other side.

I don’t suppose that I’m a ghost myself now, at this point I’m not sure what ya’d call me, but it doesn’t seems like anybody knows, and it only happens after dark. Heni says it’s another curse of the darkness here, but it doesn’t seem to scare her.

“Keep on your path and the darkness will be of little consequence” she says, I don’t what the hell it means, but it eases whatever worries came over me after passing through the bedroom door instead of opening it.


Vwls JordanCruz

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